Zan’s Toolbox & Exercise

Zan has developed a unique approach to life guiding, taking traditional practices and combining them with her very own disciplines. To start, Zan asks clients thought-provoking questions designed to explore their true feelings and have them think about their ideal life. Once these goals are realized, she creates a customized plan to achieve them. She guides each client through a program of self care and reaches into her Toolbox of Emotional Exercises. She then assigns a customized Homework Program:

Mirror Work

Examining oneself in the mirror to affirm what is positive, instead of criticizing what is reflecting back in the mirror.

Identifying Energy Saps

This practice recognizes what is not working and is draining positivity out of one’s life. Once the saps are identified, they can be replaced with more fulfilling activities.


There are so many different breathing techniques, each designed to create a steady flow of energy. Breathwork acts as a release of old or negative energy, (aka stressers), and cleanses the energy by allowing new life to enter the body.


Throughout their life guiding journey, clients (Inevitably reach certain pinnacle). One of the most important parts of achieving these wins is acknowledging them.

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