What industries do you coach?

Why would I need a coach?

Do you feel stuck, frustrated or lost?
Many people now are looking for a direction and certainty. Worry and fear can crop up when we’re unsure or concerned about making a mistake. Once finding clarity, you will feel empowered to make decisions and focus on the things that will bring you the best results! As your coach, I will keep you accountable on achieving your goals and dreams.

What do you do?

First, let’s discover what you’re looking for. What goals do you have? What dreams have you forgotten?
Then, once we have our first discovery session, I create a custom life plan for you and we will continue working together until you achieve everything on your plan!

How would this work for me?

Whether you’re a business owner looking for something as simple as setting up your first bank account, your employee manual or your handbook, we can start there. Or perhaps, you’re more advanced, looking to sell your first company. I’ve opened, operated and sold four companies and in my coaching I’ve helped over 300 people in business. No matter where you are, I can help you.

Do you coach other people besides hair salon and hair salons?

Absolutely! The hair industry is a special industry to me but I’ve also helped pig farmers, children, couples, medical professionals and many more!

What results can i expect?

Oh my… so much! Clarity, focus, attention… those are some of my favorites. How this applies to your business and your professional life may be better work life harmony, more team members, an improved work culture and more profits!


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