“Zan Ray changed my life from the time that I worked with her at 24 to now in my 50’s. Not only did she help me discover who I am, but also keeps me on target in every aspect of my life.”
Ted Gibson can be seen on the show What Not To Wear. His clients include Jessica Chastain, Ashley Greene, Deborah Messing, and Jessica Lange.

Testimonial Ted Gibson
Ted Gibson
Celebrity Hairstylist

“As a trusted adviser, Zan Ray lifts me gently from where I am to where I wish to be. She sheds some light before me – just enough so I can find my own true path, my better self. Her help is unlike any other …as though she uses a “third eye”. Count me grateful for her gifts and how she finds easy ways to access and share them with others like me.”

Testimonial Kerry Tate
Kerry Tate
Civic Interest , LLC

“Working with Zan turned my life around. Through her guidance I was able to clearly define what I wanted for my career, and she helped me every step of the way in taking it to the next level. When I think about what I’ve accomplished in the last year, I know that Zan was a major part in making it happen.”
Ron King currently works with George Lopez, and has previously worked with Katy Perry and President Obama for Time Magazine.

Testimonial Ron King
Ron King
Celebrity Hairstylist

“Zan has a very special talent of seeing what I cannot always see about myself. With a masterful professionalism, she carefully helps me connect those rays of light within. I completely recommend Zan to anyone seeking clarity of path or self image.”

Testimonial Don Crowell
Don Crowell
Fine Homebuilder

“There have been points in both my personal and professional life where I have felt stuck. I knew in order to get unstuck I needed to make a change, make a choice or face a challenge. Zan has coached me through those life obstacles for nearly 20 years. Her coaching helps me get clear and get out of my own way. Zan has helped me put my fears aside and has been instrumental in helping me create my path to success.”

Testimonial Jason Backe
Jason Backe
Celebrity Colorist

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