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About Zan Ray

“We’re all looking for our right place in the world. I have found mine by being guided there. That’s why I now help others find theirs.”
Zan Ray’s unique Life Guiding Philosophy is that our authentic self and beauty already exists within and simply needs to be nudged out. Having experienced it personally, she approaches her work as an usher, helping to bring to light thoughts, feelings, and goals one might not otherwise recognize. As we look for our (We need a space after “recognize.” As we look for our authentic selves, Zan believes that we need help in exploring the hidden spaces where we hold ourselves back. After identifying those areas, she gently nudges and shines a light here or there to open up the possibilities to become more of who we are meant to be.


– Zan and her husband, Tom, love to dance

– Movies and plays

– Music such as Country, R&B and Soul

– Walking on the beach

– Traveling to places such as Big Bend and Fiji

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